Operational Readiness
Despite the common belief that data is just a commodity, strategic data management, and interpretation help uncover hidden value opportunities for companies.
Swift business decisions that propel your organisation into a more profitable trajectory are made possible by leveraging internal and external data sources, using big data analytics to make decisions about customer service or operations.
If you're looking for help unlocking the hidden value from your company's resources and data assets, take a look at this document we recently put together.
Data-Informed Process Improvement
Process inefficiencies could be hurting your company's bottom line, opening you up to unnecessary risks and negatively impacting your reputation in the eyes of customers. So where to now?
Envision Advisory Services enables clients to implement robust and data-informed process improvement at speed, by closing the gap between expectation, perception and reality. By using a bottom-up data-driven approach that yields insights on the actual process and business rules, we enable clients to gather objective insights and overcome challenges presented by assumption-based, top-down manual process designs. 
To explore how we can help your organisation implement solutions that are action-focused and steered towards momentum, take a look at this document we recently put together.
Operational Improvement – Safety and Efficiency in Mining
Process optimisation in a mining context is open for greater levels of safety and increased operational efficiencies, which deliver exponential financial benefits.
Identifying optimisation opportunities can be a resource and time-intensive process. However, there are technology-driven options available that save time and increase ROI faster.
To explore how we enable your organisation to achieve operational efficiency by leveraging data and optimising processes, look at this document we recently put together.
Procurement and Supply Chain in Mining
Having control of your procurement from a strategic and tactical perspective is crucial in an ever-changing world.
Rapid repricing strategies, category management and contract management are some of the levers where EAS and its European alliance partner Procurement Power have a significant track record.
To explore how your mining operation can make quick and sustainable impact on the company's bottom line, take a look at this document we've recently put together.
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