By engaging with EAS you will work with a partner that elevates your existing capabilities, bringing specialist skills and experience to walk the journey to growth with your organisation, whatever your starting point and whatever your ambition.


There is a significant opportunity for South Africa to grow its GBS sector over the next decade and as a result to make a meaningful contribution to addressing the youth unemployment challenge and its associated social impact.

South Africa has emerged over the past few years as a preferred destination for international companies seeking to outsource various functions to offshore contact centre operators to overcome local labour and cost challenges.

Accelerating growth, unlocking value

A modernisation of capabilities is key to unlocking growth and value for many traditional contact centre service providers; prioritising the development agenda and accessing supporting resources is critical to ensure it is not crowded out by yesterday’s challenges.

Winning in international markets demands a focus on performance at every level: flexible operating models characterised by productivity, cost-competitiveness, scalability and resilience; delivery excellence, whether in sales, service or administration requires a strong roadmap of innovation and thought leadership. Active management of client satisfaction is paramount, and opens the door to GBS reward models tied to client KPIs.
Growing value in BPO and GBS increasingly relies on optimising three things:

Digital capabilities:  data, analytics, RPA, omni-channel delivery, digital operations

Operations and risk:  E2E process optimisation, workforce management, quality

People and performance:  talent development, agent engagement, leadership.

The shift to Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) models for service delivery requires a re-framing of the traditional ‘agent in a seat’ operating model, leveraging digital technologies to deliver cloud-based services using intelligent workflows and automation, with little or no human intervention.

More traditional agent-based operations are seeking to deliver a better omni-channel customer experience, requiring an integration of technologies at the agent desktop (on-site or remote) and in the back-office, and the use of more sophisticated call and workflow routing to drive productivity and improve on overall service effectiveness.  Interaction analytics can be used to gain, and exploit, deeper customer and commercial insights.  A revolution is required in agent talent development in SA to recruit, train, engage and retain large numbers of young agents on a career in GBS.

Many SA contact centres remain hamstrung by manual operations and silo systems and data, despite investments in technology and IT projects.  Resource constraints and legacy business challenges stymie change and modernisation initiatives, perpetuating staff frustrations as they continue to be engaged in repetitive tasks and sub-optimal processes.  High levels of agent attrition and absenteeism mean ineffective delivery to clients, poor performance and high staff costs to replace and retrain.  The bottom line:  hard-won contracts can be even harder to deliver effectively, with quality and margins suffering as a result.

EAS GBS services

We can help you upgrade your business model to profitably grow your future value in the exciting world of GBS.  At EAS, we offer partnership solutions and believe we can provide you with tailored services you can trust and rely on.  We are technology agnostic, preferring to help you find the right technologies that fit with your specific business, and leveraging a network of experienced professionals that bring specialist expertise and wisdom to each client we work with.

Wherever you are on your development journey, and no matter your size or scale, we can assist you with your growth trajectory, whether optimising your captive call centre operations, leveraging external partners in domestic BPO, or building an international GBS capability.
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